Bikini Dare Candy Blonde


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The sun is up and the blue colored pool is calling you to jump in and get wet! Today we join Bikini Dare Candy Blonde on a relaxed naked waterplay to heat things up. Tying her blonde hair to a lousy bun, Candy keeps on her big hoop earrings while being totally stripped on her orange floaters. We could barely see her fine features but we sure have nice view of her muffins. As she gets enough sunlight for her skin, her pussy is tooched up and out to get some warming too. Looks like her skin tone will be all spread out perfectly down to her privates.

Bikini Dare Cory


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On a hot summer day, a regular trip on the beach wouldn’t be complete for Bikini Dare Cory without the presence of strong muscle boys! The short haired beauty is being carried by two handsome studs who join in at the group shot. However, as they hold on to her legs to spread it open, her smooth pie does a little sneak peek from her string bikini. Not minding the wardrobe malfunction, Cory, with her humble smile, is enjoying her moment being lifted up and hugging strong boys. Pretty sure these guys would want to see a piece of Cory for the effort they did.

Bikini Dare Natalia

10 natalia

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A nice summer pink flower to tie the golden blonde hair of Bikini Dare Natalia adds a little freshness to this very revealing photo. We may not be able to see her facial expression from this shot, but her real goal is for us to get a closer look of her fine treasure between her flawless legs. Even her swimsuit has the same purpose, having no cloth to cover her cunt. With her red nail polished fingers, Natalia grabs her ass and spreads them out to project her cock hungry pussy out in the sun. She lifts her hips and tooches her butt to add shape to her already sexy figure.

Bikini Dare Susan Snow

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Hosing down your hot urge in the middle of the day is Bikini Dare Susan Snow. Sitting down soaked from a wild water play, this blonde bombshell is out to get rough and rowdy by the pool. As her wet hair piles up to her back, Susan grabs on to that long hose and let the sprinkle of water out. She’s wearing a revealing neon green swim suit that hugs her breasts perfectly. The catch here is, nothing is covering that wet pussy of hers. The black lining of her swim suit goes to the side of her cunt, not blocking anything that may come inside that smooth cock cave.

Bikini Dare Paris

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Hold your horses boys, if you think you’re spotting the controversial heiress by the rocks, you’re wrong. It’s the equally sexy yet more controversial sex kitten Bikini Dare Paris. It’s a breezy day out at the beach as she lets her blonde hair be blown by the cool gentle wind. With her eyes protected with her big sunnies, Paris sits down relaxed by the sand and hiding a bit among the huge rocks. She’s wearing a very revealing dress that covers mostly her top part but has her pussy exposed down below. If you want a good peep show outfit, Paris sure knows just the right thing to wear.

Bikini Dare Lea

7 lea

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Bubbly and spritely in her pose, Bikini Dare Lea is up and about her sexy red bikini on today’s shoot. She gives us a nice big smile with her hair tilted to the side. Her blonde locks are being blown a bit by the breeze and she holds on to her waist. What we see on her top is quite a teaser. It may be holding her breasts partly, but a rectangular strap covers only her nipple area. On her bottom, it would look like she’s wearing something between her legs, but voila! Her smooth pussy is exposed! Good thing she has her leg up for us to get a nice view.

Bikini Dare Natalie

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Before setting out sail, Bikini Dare Natalie watches by the shore with her bums on full contact to the hot sand. She’s relaxed and comfortable in her position knowing that the sun’s rays are hitting her tanned skin. Natalie is feeling the wind blowing on her face, letting her blonde hair flow back. She welcomes the breeze openly as she spreads her legs open with her arms also away from her body. Her printed black bikini is giving a nice peep show to everyone that passes by in front of her. Her cleavage and lower breast area are exposed and right down to her from bottom, that cunt is chewing the panty’s string.

Bikini Dare Tina


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Ready to head out to the open sea, Bikini Dare Tina hops on to one of the sail boats parked by the beach. This curly brown haired lady is just excited to have an adventure. All smiles, she lifts herself up, stretching that tight red bikini she’s wearing. As she puts one leg up, you can see that her smooth pussy fits on her bikini’s slit, exposing and making it plump. Tina doesn’t mind showing it off. What she knows is, she’s giving us a nice pose as she shows off her flawless features. Join her as she sets sail!

Bikini Dare Danika


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Sports Illustrated, eat your heart out! Bikini Dare Danika is here, striking a pose like a super model built to be in the cover of the magazines. Danika is such an exotic beauty. She’s very confident in giving a very sexy pose that is a possible page turner. She has long black hair and slightly chinky eyes. She holds on to her head, showing her smooth armpits and revealing bikini top! Her bust is supported but her nipples are peeking out. She moves her hips to the side to give a sexy shape and you’ll notice her navel ring and that string bikini that shows her pussy slit.

Bikini Dare Pamela


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Ruling the parked rafts by the beach is Bikini Dare Pamela. She finds an inflated raft by the rocks and decided to hop on and settle on it. She leans back comfortably with her arms back to support her. She lets her curly hair down and gives a striking stare that you can tell even with her shades on. Her breasts are almost exposed as the bikini top only covers her nipples. She points her left feet up as she spreads her legs wide open, revealing her pussy that is not being covered by her bikini. The color of her swim wear is bright and just right to attract attention.